The Michelbach Reservoir

Built between June 1979 and July 1982, the Michelbach Reservoir restores the balance of the water table and supplies the city of Mulhouse and its surrounding area with drinking water.

The site is a protected area, classified as an approved voluntary natural reserve. The water company of Mulhouse and the association for the Michelbach Reservoir take care of the management and running of the infrastructures.

A walk of some 4 km (2.4 mi approximately), an-hour-and-a-half tour, is suggested to discover the area. Thanks to the instructional signs that are posted along the tour, you will learn to identify the birds you see in the site (cormorants, ospreys, crows,...)

Some summits of Vosges mountains, like Rossberg, Thanner Hubel, Markstein and Grand Ballon can be glimpsed on the horizon.

The tourist office organises guided tours during the season (only in French).